Goods processing

We take care of this

Goods are not only stored in our business premises. We also offer a range of additional services - New German: "Value added Services". For example, if the goods arrive to us damaged or your order has changed.

New and repackaging

Do goods have to be repackaged in larger or smaller containers? No problem. We will sort it out. We weigh the goods to the gram and repackage them according to your wishes. We are specialists in palletizing.

Marking out and neutralising

It happens again and again that goods have to be relabelled. Either if it was repackaged or even if the quantities have changed. We have all the devices for labeling and tagging so that the goods arrive at the destination as you wish.

Sorting and picking

Damaged or spoiled goods must be sorted out from goods that are in perfect condition. This is also part of everyday warehouse life. We are happy to pick individual shipments and distribute them to the picking vehicles according to your wishes.

Our services

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